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We believe the most essential element in exceptional customer experience is a well-designed platform. For this reason, AITrades’s team of hand-picked designers has collaborated to provide a modern, secure and responsive platform using our state-of-the-art technology and creative tools.



There is more to a high-quality platform than beautiful design; meticulous engineering ensures that there are no gaps or loopholes for the company or its users. AITrades has carefully engineered its platform with this high standard in mind. As a result of exceptional quality control and checks, our users are able to enjoy our trading platform while being assured of the security of the trade. This provides the ultimate customer satisfaction.



Most people hear the term “Artificial Intelligence” and assume that means something complicated. The fact is that the principle of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is simplicity. AITrades has taken the complex and brought it down to the user level through the applied use of AI.

• User Friendly Bots – Customers of all experience levels can easily perform complex algorithms with the click of the mouse.

• User Friendly Platform – Our platform relies on technology which relegates the complex functions to the back-end. In this way our customers enjoy an easy, intuitive platform on which to perform their trades. With one-touch learning and easy access, our clients have the best tools available in the industry in an easy-to-understand, concise solution.

Global Market

AITrades is a global platform which is available to customers all over the world. Working with traders from across the country and across the globe, location is not a consideration for our customers.



It seems that every day there are news stories about hacking. It’s a fact that hackers are constantly seeking new ways to gather information. AITrades understands that this is always a concern and has developed a robust security system which eliminates the worry associated with hacking. We are constantly monitoring, updating and refreshing our system to ensure our customers’ data is safe and secure.