26 February 2021 By Dominic Robinson
Cryptopedia is a free educational resource that provides an introduction to digital-asset investing. Cameron Winklevoss, Gemini’s president, unveiled Cryptopedia on Thursday. He described the new platform as a “free resource that provides open-access, high-quality crypto education to the world.” ... Read more

24 February 2021 By Dominic Robinson
The former aide to Representative Davidson will join crypto's leading trade association. The Blockchain Association, a leading trade association and lobbying group, has hired Ron Hammond as its new director of government relations. The Blockchain Association has been one of Washington, D.C.'s biggest advocates for the crypto industry since its launch in 2018 ... Read more

22 February 2021 By Lilly Harvey
Developers are switching their efforts to DeFi as it takes a larger slice of the crypto market. Software engineers and developers are slowly switching their attention from layer-one blockchains once dubbed ‘Ethereum killers’ to the ever-increasing number of new decentralized finance protocols. ... Read more

20 February 2021 By Lilly Harvey
The tech giant purchased 43,338 metric tons worth of soil carbon credits that are representative of carbon sequestration at ranches in New South Wales. Microsoft has employed blockchain technology to purchase soil carbon credits in Australia. In combination with Regen Network — built on the Cosmos blockchain — the CarbonPlus Grassland credits were initially issued to two ranches in New South Wales. ... Read more

15 February 2021 By Dominic Robinson
Cynthia Lummis, the first U.S. senator to own Bitcoin, will launch a Financial Innovation Caucus to educate her fellow-senators about Bitcoin and crypto assets. Senator Cynthia Lummis, the first senator in the history of the United States to own Bitcoin, has revealed plans to launch a Financial Innovation Caucus to educate her fellow senators on cryptocurrency and digital assets. ... Read more

13 February 2021 By Dominic Robinson
The Monero community has raised $150,000 as part of a proposal to add XMR as a payment option on the Tesla website. The Monero community has posted a proposal to add XMR as a payment option on the Tesla website. ... Read more

11 February 2021 By Evan Fitzgerald
An unknown client in Russia has stacked 20,000 Bitcoin miners at one of BitRiver’s locations in Siberia. Russia has reportedly imported thousands of cryptocurrency mining devices amid a massive surge in the crypto market. ... Read more

7 February 2021 By Lilly Harvey
Increasing interest and growth in the blockchain-based multiplayer gaming industry are the key factors pushing the price of FunFair (FUN) higher. Many DApps and blockchain-based games are designed with casino-style and RPG features that allow players to use cryptocurrency for gambling. ... Read more

1 February 2021 By Lilly Harvey
Ripple has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the SEC which targets documents pertaining to Ethereum co-founders. Ripple's case before the Securities and Exchange Commission is threatening to have major, well, ripple effects for the industry. ... Read more

28 January 2021 By Dominic Robinson
Scaramucci’s SkyBridge Capital introduced a new Bitcoin fund in early January. He says that improved infrastructure and regulation have made BTC investments "as safe as owning bonds and commodities like gold." ... Read more

26 January 2021 By Evan Fitzgerald
BuyUCoin initially denied the reports of a data breach, but added that all user funds are safe. Users of Indian crypto exchange BuyUCoin have reportedly been affected by a breach compromising personal data of more than 325,000 people. ... Read more

24 January 2021 By Dominic Robinson
Crypto activity in Asia is equivalent to that in the U.S. and Europe combined. Research by Messari has delved into the Asian crypto landscape and revealed the region accounts for almost half of all digital asset trading, and boasts six of the top ten largest crypto unicorns. ... Read more

23 January 2021 By Lilly Harvey
A global automotive consortium is leveraging blockchain-based “birth certificates” to track the purchase and maintenance history of secondhand vehicles. The Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative, or MOBI, a non-profit consortium of the world’s top vehicle manufacturers including Ford and BMW, has launched an initiative to combat fraud in the secondhand markets with blockchain-powered “birth certificates.” ... Read more

20 January 2021 By Lilly Harvey
Amid increasing distrust of custodial solutions and recent upgrades to Bitcoin Core, more Bitcoiners are starting to run their own nodes. The number of Bitcoin nodes is at an all-time high, with 11,558 reachable nodes currently active, according to Another Bitcoin network statistics tracker,, calculates the total number of Bitcoin nodes at 11,613, which is just above the previous high of 11,250 set one year ago this month. ... Read more

18 January 2021 By Dominic Robinson
With Ethereum transaction fees still high, more layer-two powered platforms are emerging. The number of decentralized exchanges running layer-two solutions is growing as the Ethereum network struggles to keep up with its own popularity. ... Read more

16 January 2021 By Evan Fitzgerald
Ripple’s CEO Brad Garlinghouse has responded to some of the community’s concerns surrounding the SEC’s $1.3 billion lawsuit against the firm. Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse has revealed the firm unsuccessfully attempted to settle its securities violation lawsuit with the SEC, and slammed the “regulatory chaos” around cryptocurrencies. ... Read more