19 December 2020 By Lilly Harvey
CEO Brad Garlinghouse said O’Connor’s experience would help Ripple build “a more inclusive financial system.” Sandie O’Connor, the former chief regulatory affairs officer at banking giant JPMorgan Chase, is joining Ripple’s board of directors. ... Read more

17 December 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Ether payments are now available on the Binance Visa card, which is now shipping to customers in the EEA region. Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has started shipping its physical Binance Visa cards in the European Economic Area. ... Read more

15 December 2020 By Dominic Robinson
"Bitcoin means trusting a SHA256 algorithm more than the U.S Treasury," quipped Blockfolio. Crypto players were quick to respond to the news that hackers breached the U.S. Treasury Department. ... Read more

13 December 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Crypto funds have posted near-record inflows during recent weeks as the gold investment products shed liquidity. A new report from market data aggregator CoinShares has revealed recent surging crypto inflows amid record gold outflows. ... Read more

11 December 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
“Voting over the Internet presents more challenges, such as preventing double voting, technical hurdles to keep ballots secret, and the cost of voting devices." Japanese firm Layer X will be partnering with a digital identity application called xID to build a blockchain-based voting system in the Japanese city of Kaga. ... Read more

9 December 2020 By Lilly Harvey
MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor draws a comparison between Bitcoin and NBA star Lebron James. In an interview with economist Marc Friedrich, MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor said that Bitcoin is not the same as it was in 2015 or 2017. According to Saylor, the arguments against Bitcoin (BTC) that were relevant four years ago are no longer applicable. ... Read more

7 December 2020 By Dominic Robinson
The third quarter was tough for mining rig manufacturers as the impact of COVID-19 continued to weigh heavily on the space. The stock of one of China’s "Big Three" mining firms is in free fall Monday after reporting another quarterly loss, underscoring the operating challenges imposed by COVID-19. ... Read more

5 December 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Ripple could be forced to burn its entire XRP holdings if the community votes for it, the company’s CTO David Schwartz has confirmed. Ripple chief technology officer David Schwartz has admitted the company could be forced by validators to burn its 48 billion XRP tokens, regardless of if it agrees with the decision or not. ... Read more

3 December 2020 By Lilly Harvey
SBI plans to add support for Ether and XRP lending in the near future. Japanese financial giant SBI Group is introducing a cryptocurrency lending service through its crypto-related subsidiary, SBI VC Trade. ... Read more

1 December 2020 By Dominic Robinson
If the vote passes, the claim will move to a validity committee to approve a possible payout of $340,000. In what might be an important step towards the maturation of the decentralized insurance space, a claim was filed yesterday with DeFi insurance protocol Cover following the $19 million Dai hack of Pickle Finance — and so far, the majority of users want to see a payout happen. ... Read more

28 November 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Following the launch of a nationwide APS blockchain network for federal, state, and local staff, Australia has launched an international blockchain trial with Singapore. The Australian government is trialing the use of blockchain technology for inter-government document exchanges with Singapore as the latest action in a series of pro-blockchain efforts. It follows hot on the heels of the establishment of a new network promoting blockchain to public servants. ... Read more

28 November 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Trading volume on the world’s most popular crypto exchange has surged following a rally of the top three tokens. With Bitcoin within $1,000 of its all-time high price of $19,891 set in December 2017, trading on major crypto exchange Binance is also hitting new heights with more than $37 billion in volume in the last 24 hours. ... Read more

26 November 2020 By Lilly Harvey
With just nine hours remaining, the Ethereum’s deposit contract met its threshold of 524,288 Ether — locking ETH 2.0’s beacon chain genesis for Dec. 1. ETH 2.0’s beacon chain genesis has been confirmed for Dec. 1, following the transfer of 524,288 Ether from 16,384 validators into the ETH 2.0 deposit contract since it went live on Nov. 4. ... Read more

24 November 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Bitcoin mining revenue has topped $20 million per day, its highest level this year. Key on-chain metrics such as Bitcoin (BTC) mining revenues have returned to pre-halving levels, according to recent research. ... Read more

22 November 2020 By Dominic Robinson
The upgrade establishes a development fund for the next four years and removes the controversial “Founders Reward.” Privacy-focused cryptocurrency Zcash (ZEC) celebrated its first halving event on Nov. 18. The occasion was marked by the implementation of the Canopy upgrade, which establishes a development fund for the platform and removes the controversial “Founders Reward.” ... Read more

19 November 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
The recent surge in DeFi makes the industry is an attractive target for hackers. Cryptocurrency-related crimes have slowed down in 2020, but some sectors within the crypto industry have become a new hotbed for criminal activity, a new report says. Citing major crypto analytics firm CipherTrace, Reuters reported on Nov. 10 that total losses from crypto thefts, hacks and fraud dropped from $4.4 billion in 2019 to $1.8 billion over the first 10 months of 2020. ... Read more

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