13 August 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Facebook is determined not to take “no” for an answer when it comes to fintech. Facebook has launched a new product group to promote “payments and commerce opportunities” with David Marcus, Libra’s co-creator, in charge of the division. ... Read more

11 August 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Blockchain is offering global governments a serious alternative to a strained financial system, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse says. Cryptocurrency advocates have long been keen to point to the weaknesses of fiat currency. Now an uncertain world rocked by a global health crisis and geopolitical flare-ups is bringing them into dialogue with the mainstream more than ever. ... Read more

11 August 2020 By Lilly Harvey
After a string of 51% attacks on Ethereum Classic, developers from its core chain rival, Ethereum, discuss ways of avoiding the same fate. In a Core Devs meeting on Friday, Ethereum (ETH) developers discussed potential measures that could be taken to prevent successful 51% attacks from occurring. ... Read more

9 August 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
Anthony Pompliano states innovation inevitability in light of recent blockchain comments from new Goldman Sachs brass, Mathew McDermott. Mathew McDermott has assumed the role of global head of digital assets for banking giant Goldman Sachs, touting future blockchain predictions. ... Read more

8 August 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Binance owned Trust Wallet has hit a five million user milestone, it is now delving into the DeFi sector. Crypto giant Binance acquired Trust Wallet two years ago today. In that short space of time, the service has managed to amount 5 million users, and it is now expanding into the burgeoning DeFi sector. ... Read more

8 August 2020 By Lilly Harvey
The Ethereum Foundation is looking to hire a dedicated security team to dissect all aspects of Ethereum 2.0. The Ethereum Foundation will be building a dedicated security team for Ethereum 2.0 to study any potential cybersecurity and crypto-economic issues in the next generation of the Ethereum network. ... Read more

6 August 2020 By Lilly Harvey
According to a leading blockchain security auditing firm, Cardano will become the second biggest DeFi platform behind Ethereum, dwarfing Tezos. Quantstamp, a company that has been auditing Cardano’s (ADA) code base for the past two months, believes that after the Shelley hard fork, Cardano will trail only Ethereum (ETH) as a smart contract platform, dwarfing its arch-rival Tezos (XTZ). ... Read more

5 August 2020 By Dominic Robinson
On-chain exchange activity exploded during Bitcoin’s recent breakout, seemingly confirming the legitimacy of the price momentum. Bitcoin’s (BTC) recent breakout was accompanied by a massive spike in on-chain exchange volume activity, according to data from Glassnode. ... Read more

4 August 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
The initiative launched by Europol has stopped $630M+ in ransomware demands since 2016. The No More Ransom decryption tool repository, an initiative launched by Europol to combat ransomware attacks, has saved individuals $632 million in ransom demands since 2016. ... Read more

2 August 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Lawyers for Brad Garlinghouse haven’t argued the Ripple CEO’s statements in extolling XRP were true, simply that they can’t be proven false. The federal case against Ripple Labs has taken an unexpected turn, as the legal team representing the firm and CEO Brad Garlinghouse have argued any statements they made overstating the utility of the XRP token can’t be proven false. ... Read more

1 August 2020 By Lilly Harvey
As Ethereum turns five years old, Ether is up 50% over the past month with two main catalysts driving the uptrend, namely DeFi and ETH 2.0. The price of Ethereum’s Ether token has seen strong momentum in July. Since the start of the month, ETH has climbed by 50% from $225.5 to $340 on Coinbase ... Read more

30 July 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has publicly endorsed blockchain as an investment opportunity. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has endorsed blockchain as an ‘opportunity in frontier technology’, renewing hopes that the country is warming to cryptocurrencies. ... Read more

29 July 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
In a recent YouTube AMA, Charles Hoskinson gave an update on the promotion of Cardano across the African continent. Charles Hoskinson, CEO of Cardano (ADA) developers IOHK, took to YouTube on July 25 for one of his regular ask-me-anything sessions. ... Read more

28 July 2020 By Dominic Robinson
Binance is said to be “operating a recognized market” without authorization from the Malaysian regulator. Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance was added to the Securities Commission Malaysia’s list of unauthorized entities earlier today. ... Read more

27 July 2020 By Evan Fitzgerald
1 AM Eastern time is the most popular time in the US to search the biggest word in crypto. The hourly data from Google Trends shows that US-based searches for “Bitcoin” have consistently peaked around 1 AM Eastern time for the past week. This hourly data is only available seven days into the past, so we don’t know if this is an established pattern or a new development. ... Read more

26 July 2020 By Lilly Harvey
Opera users in the United Kingdom can now purchase cryptocurrency directly via bank accounts or digital banking app Revolut. Opera, a popular web browser, continues to expand its cryptocurrency integration by extending crypto wallet top ups to the United Kingdom. ... Read more